Magnet Exploration – PHYS115UMDSPR13001

File: MagnetExploration


File: Worksheet


7 thoughts on “Magnet Exploration – PHYS115UMDSPR13001

  1. I really like the lay out of your lesson plan and the way you organized it with the different headings. Moreover, I really like that you put an objective of what the students should be able to do after completing the experiment. I also really like the worksheet you made for the students to fill out because it will be easy for them to make comparisons of what is attracted to the magnet and what is not.

  2. I though this lesson plan is very strait forward and easily explained and can be taught easily as well to the students. It is a very organized lesson plan and I like how you have ideas to fill up extra time!

  3. I thought this lesson plan was a very good one because it was very organized. In addition to the organization I really liked the worksheet you made for the students to fill out during the activity. I also really liked that you told the substitute what should be accomplished at the end of the activity.

  4. I think this is a great way to introduce the students to magnetism. I also like the organization of the class activity and having the teacher monitoring the students to help them if needed. And the worksheet is really nice for the students to easily keep track of what is happening during the activity.

  5. I think this is a great idea for it is simple and easy for elementary students to explore. It gives a lot of room for inquiry and allows the students to make observations (some that they may understand, some that they might not). I think your plan would be stronger if you gave some kind of examples of items the students would be playing with.

  6. I really like this lesson plan! The layout is very well organized and straight forward. I also like how the objectives are clearly stated and you are careful to include directions such as “circulate around the classroom” Consider including more guidance into what should be brought up in the closing discussion.

  7. I= like the layout and organization of this lesson plan. The Magnet Exploration file is very graphic – I love it! What kind of objects do you plan on using? Will you have some that are not magnetic at all?

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