Lesson Plan for Magnetism Unit – PHYS115UMDSPR13001

File: MagUnit


3 thoughts on “Lesson Plan for Magnetism Unit – PHYS115UMDSPR13001

  1. I like the how you write out the specific aim in the beginning very clearly, this definitely allows for easy assessment as to whether students have accomplished these things or not. In addition, I liked the activity and specifically the T-chart idea, but I didn’t see where the idea of distance as it relates to the amount of attraction and repulsion was visible in these activities. Consider either adding that to the current lesson, or maybe even making that a separate activity. I especially liked the part that allowed the students to explore on their own.

  2. You definitely make a good point to take the magnets away from the students when trying to get them to reflect or do something else. They can easily be distracted by having things to play with. The procedure seems very good. Maybe consider having the students brainstorm ideas of what they could try to attract/repel with magnets besides just the materials you give them? That might take it a step further to having them think beyond just what they observed.

  3. I really like this activity, especially the simplicity of the T-Chart and the concluding discussion that allows them to add things to the T-Chart they may have missed. I think the idea of copying down notes from a discussion may be too mature of an activity for third graders, perhaps consider a fill-in-the-blank worksheet or something with less note-taking.

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